Kev's Paintball Stag day


Kev's Stag Day


Back in June 2005 Milanda team mates finally took revenge on Kevin for all those glorious chances he's passed up over the years. A thoughly entertaining afternoon ended with Kev and his best man being chased across a field by 20 so called friends. Some nasty bruises were gained as a result but the beers in the evening meant the excruciating pain was soon forgotten.

You looking at me?

Soapy trying to look mean.

Hope he was better throwing his lighter than the smoke bomb later on.

The good, the bad, the ugly and Liam

Bruce can taste the Hot dogs in the air.

Three wise men.

Think the camera man must have fancied Soapy.

Brian tells the troops to go right through them.

Splat splat - You're dead.

Running about a forest playing soldiers is hungry work you know. Bruce's favourite part of the day.

Liam looks just a little too comfortable with a real gun in his hands

The man of the hour just before he got chased across a field.